The Bookish Mrs Librarian

In just a few short months I will have my first day of classes for my Masters of Library and Information Sciences at University at Buffalo online.

After several years of working as a theatrical lighting designer and then several more as an architectural lighting designer I hit a wall. I wasn’t cut out for the career I had gone to undergrad and had a masters degree in. It was devastating. I was a failure.

I just wanted to be surrounded by books and help people.

And then a friend said “what about being a librarian?”

And then my mother said “have you thought about being a librarian?”

And then my father said (without having talked to my mother) “you’d make a good librarian.”

And then I became friends with a librarian from my local branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.

Are we sensing a pattern? Okay universe, I can take a hint. I quit my job and took on a part time job while I applied for online MLIS programs. I was accepted at a few and decided on UB. Now, I’m just anxiously awaiting the start of the semester!

I wanted to share where I’m heading career wise, because I think it will have a really direct impact on my additional career as a reviewer and blogger. To be honest, I think the dream would be to be part time as a librarian and part time as a professional reviewer/blogger. It’s a dream I never knew I had – or that was an option. But, I’m excited to see where these two bookish paths take me!

Are there any MLIS students or librarians out there ready with some advice? I can’t wait to become a bigger part of the library community!

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