Rested and Relaxed… Or Something Like That.

My husband and I had a wedding. It was a beautiful day filled with love, family, friends, laughter, good food and drink, wonderful music, clever decorations, and… a migraine.

I get migraines fairly regularly. I thought I’d make it through the day, but at about 11a – mid manicure – I felt a bit of a headache coming on. Took my meds immediately to try and head it off at the pass, but alas, it persisted. I spent the rest of the day fighting to not feel so ill that I’d miss the entire wedding.

Despite the migraine, I made it through the getting ready, the formal portraits, the ceremony, the cocktail hour, the dinner, and the first dance. I hit a wall mid dance, and couldn’t handle it anymore. We finished the dance, switching off so that I could have a little dance with my father, and then my husband whisked me away to the hotel to put me to bed (after much crying and apologizing to my parents that I felt like I was ruining the evening for them – spoiler, I wasn’t, they just wanted me to feel better). He helped me out of my dress, made me tea, and read me Game of Thrones until I fell asleep and he felt comfortable going back to the party.

It was still a perfect and magical day, and I wouldn’t change a thing. All of the people I love were there to celebrate our love and love in general. It was also just a beautiful sight. The decorations were bookish and subtle and just perfect. My mum baked a stunning wedding cake as a surprise. And I wore hand painted Hufflepuff themed Converse.

What the wedding did do was put me VERY behind on my reading and reviewing. Turns out that was a lot of socialization for me, and my husband and I had to spend several days at my parents cabin in the woods in Maine doing absolutely nothing to recover. I couldn’t even bring myself to pick up a book that wasn’t one of my comfort books that I’ve read a million times.

But, I’m back home and our apartment is back in order and I have a new little ‘garden’ in my window, so I can get back to the reading and writing and reviewing! Tomorrow I’ll FINALLY review Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend, which was adorable and a great prewedding read!

Anyways, just wanted to do a little update for y’all, and I will 100% post wedding pictures when we get them!

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