About Me

Alison Harding is a book lover, which is unsurprising given the nature of her blog and instagram account. She is a reader, reviewer, writer, and hopefully soon a young adult librarian!

She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and their very clingy Bedlington Terrier, Flash – who is heavily showcased in her instagram stories.

Alison is a lover of all genres and is interested in reviewing nearly anything, but does have a soft spot for fantasy and science fiction. Her writing tends towards the speculative fiction end of the spectrum, and is written under a pseudonym.

Book Of The Month – YA

If you’re anything like me, then the idea of a book showing up at your door every month is brilliant! If you’re even more like me – then you’re hoping for an exciting new YA novel to read. Well, follow the link below and sign up for BotM-YA!

Book of the Month YA